Friday, March 25, 2011

A Canadian Federal Election??? Where Did That Come From ?

      "Everyone" is saying Canadians do not want an election now.  MP's state in the house they have not heard a single Canadian say they want an election.  Well, I am one Canadian who says we DO need an election if it will provide an opportunity to get more than the approximately 58% of our population that usually votes in a federal election out to vote in the upcoming election. If you have watched Question Period in the House you will understand why I say it varies from being a "mad house" to being a "circus" to being a "sideshow".

     You may not notice much difference when we are officially in election mode. We have already had a 2 or 3 month barrage of radio and TV political attack ads.  There was even an attack ad from the Green Party attacking attack ads.

      I read an editorial attacking the Green Party for attacking attack ads. I resisted the impulse to write a letter attacking the editorial for attacking the Green Party for attacking attack ads. 

      Somewhat facetiously (and I am trying not to be partisan), I suggest that the major parties all are hoping for something from this election:
      - the Conservatives hope for a majority
      - the Liberals hope for a minority
      - the Bloc Québécois hope for some 2.2 million dollars and a hockey rink
      - the NDP hope for many more seats
      - the Green party wishes for a greener, gentler world but I have no idea for what they specifically hope

     What do YOU wish FOR?  Not what are you against, but what do you want YOUR Canada to be like?

    Personally, I hope for a Parliament made up of MP's who can be less partisan, more thoughtful and capable of some semblance of DEBATE on issues. That's all we really need for an effective functioning government. Everything else is empty rhetoric, posturing, and over active egos on steroids.

     For this election, I hope that Canadians will open their minds to facts and thoughtful opinions. Surely, there are at least 75% of us who care enough for their future and the future of their country to VOTE. If you don't like any of the parties or their leader then chose the PERSON who is running in your constituency that you trust to make good decisions for the country. But please, do VOTE. Otherwise we can not ever have a functioning democratic Parliament.

    Talk to all the young people you know and help them to separate political rhetoric from facts and then to VOTE as they wish. Their vote (or lack of it) will shape the Canada in which they will be living.  The MP for whom they cast their vote makes up the government and passes the laws.

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