Saturday, July 30, 2011


(So why do I feel more paranoid than safe?)

     The multi-billion dollar new federal prisons being built in Canada should prepare us for the expected increase in the number of new criminals created by new laws such as mandatory minimum jail sentences, longer sentences, reduced credit for time served, mandatory jail time for Marijuana users/growers and the apparent number of "unreported crimes" that will be uncovered.  Here are some recent evidence to illustrate Canada's efforts to discover criminals everywhere.

Protecting us from heroin dealers:

     A 66-year-old Minnesota grandmother was detained at a Manitoba border crossing on allegations of heroin trafficking after they found a small container of a liquid in a storage area of her trunk. She suggested it was probably motor oil left over when a relative had changed her oil recently. Ever vigilant border agents tested it and the test was positive for heroin related material. She was then subjected to TWO strip searches and was detained in custody for 12 days while they had a proper test done on the mystery substance because she could not provide $15,000 surety for bail. Final lab tests at Health Canada indicated there was no heroin in the container. Border officials stated that in drug cases it is "reverse-onus" for proof - the individual is considered guilty until proven innocent.

Two letters in the Winnipeg Free Press (July 28/11) offer amusing but enlightening commentary on the situation:
     1) "Perhaps speedier results would have been achieved by taking the substance in the jar to any service station, where any employee would have confirmed that, yes, it was motor oil."  L.S., Winnipeg
     2) "Authorities should have realized that Janet Goodin wasn't a heroin dealer when she couldn't afford bail. What self-respecting drug mule doesn't have that kind of cash on hand?"  R.L,. Landmark

Illegal Canadians citizenships are everywhere:

     The Canadian Govt recently discovered that there are at least 1800 people (mostly living outside Canada) who have Canadian citizenship which are suspected of having been obtained without meeting the required residency requirement and hence are now being revoked by notification.  Fewer than 70 citizenships have ever been previously revoked since the Citizenship Act was passes in 1947.

Suspected criminals will no longer live among us:

     The Canadian Govt has publicly posted the names, description and picture of 30 people living in Canada who are suspected to have been involved in war crimes or human right violations. No information is available as to evidence of the suspected crimes or details To date five of these individuals have been identified, and at least one has been deported.

Smuggled Immigrants will no longer come to Canada:

      A recent TV news featuring an announcement from a Federal Govt MP stated that a ship (probably containing smuggled Tamils) was sailing to New Zealand.  He also said that someone had suggested there was a possibility that the ship had been planning to sail to Canada. Credit was given to Canada's new (and as yet un-passed) laws for it's supposed change of course.

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