Sunday, November 4, 2012



     GM offers the 2013 Camero with a "hot wheels" upgrade package for an additional $6,995 US . The beaming metallic blue car combines the high performance of the Camaro ZL1 to look like Hot Wheels dinky cars, such as red-lined wheels, a thick matte black stripe on its hood and flame graphics.


Yep - the ultimate unicycle - a self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter
Range Up to 30 miles  Speed 25 mph   Range  30 miles  Max Rider Weight 250lbs
Max Hill Incline 30%    Estimated Retail Cost $3,500  Estimated Retail Cost $3,500


1) Winnipeg hits the VIP Cineplex Odeon scene. The theatre’s 12 existing auditoriums will be converted to eight traditional auditoriums and three VIP cinemas. VIP cinemas will similar to dinner theatre where you are served at your seat. Concessions will include specialized offerings, including flatbread pizza, calamari, and yes… alcoholic beverages. All seats are reserved. Feature auditoriums are exclusively for adult guests.

  2)  Disney has purchased Lucasfilm.
           Disney aggressively pushes forward to bring three new "Star Wars" features to the big screen, with "Episode VII" scheduled for release as early as summer 2015.
        Experts say this won't corrupt Star Wars  (???).

Canada’s New “tough on crime” Laws In Action

 The Winnipeg Free Press (Nov 2/12) reported:

1) Florante Cemania, the father of four, has been given a "mandatory minimum" 3-year prison sentence. Based on a tip, the police found seven ounces of cocaine and $27,000 behind a ceiling tile in his garage. Apparently he was hiding it for an acquaintance - it wasn't even necessary to prove that either the money or drugs were his. He and his wife came from the Philppines in 1990 and both he and his wife had been working until both he and his wife were laid off in 2010. He had no criminal record - not even a speeding ticket.

2) Two Winnipeg men have admitted to a brutal attack around a bonfire that ended with their so-called friend being stabbed in the neck, the tip of the knife breaking off and lodging near his spine. Alcohol was a factor. Mark Woodcock and Tyler Hiebert pleaded guilty Thursday to aggravated assault. Woodcock was given 20 months in jail for his role, while Hiebert received 18 months of supervised probation.

3) A few days later, in Winnipeg,  there was a "mob" beating of an unsuspecting stranger for no apparent reason in Winnipeg. His injuries included a broken jaw, ribs and hand. One of the leaders of the this  gang violence was sentenced to 2 years in jail. Drunkenness was offered as a defense.

Credit Card Convenience Features

1) Wi-Fi Card allows you to purchase at a distance (and to be copied at a distance)

2) VISA and MasterCard new no-touch, no-PIN card payment system which speeds up the shopping process is raising security concerns.
It does not require a PIN, or signature or identification.
 It is nice and easy and fast, both for you and for ANYONE else who happens to find (or steal) the card.

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