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Jan 28, 2013 World Day of Action for IdleNoMore.

Due to most of the Canadian media's strange determination to ignore this movement,
 you may be surprised to know the movement is worldwide. 
Some relatively impartial information Links of interest are:




Now six of Canada's ten Provincial Premiers are women, with the latest being 
openly gay. These 6 premiers represent 87% of' Canada's population:

1) Kathleen Wynne (Ontario - Liberal - is premier-designate and will be Canada's sixth
      female premier) Jan. 2013
2) Eva Aariak (Nunavut - chosen under the territory’s consensus style government as 
     Nunavut’s second premier and first female leader)  Nov. 2008
3) Kathy Dunderdale (Newfoundland and Labrador - Progressive Conservative)
     Dec. 2010
4) Alison Redford (Alberta -Progressive Conservative) Oct. 2011
5) Christy Clark (B.C. - liberal - 20 years after Rita Johnston who was the first female
     premier in Canada) March 2011
6) Pauline Marois (Quebec - (Parti Quebecois) Sept. 2012


Number of female legislators in Canada's provinces and territories

Female legislators out of total seats in each of Canada's provinces and territories

Alberta:                                23 of 87     (26.4%)
British Columbia:                 27 of 85      (31.76%)
Manitoba:                            16 of 57       (28%)
New Brunswick:                    7 of 55       (12.7%)
Newfound. and Labr:            8 of 48       (16.7%)
Northwest Territories:           2 of 19       (10.5%)
Nova Scotia:                       12 of 52       (23%)
Nunavut:                               3 of 19       (15.8%)
Ontario:                               30 of 107     (28%)
P.  E. I.                                   6 of 27       (22.2%)
Quebec:                               41 of 125     (32.8%)
Saskatchewan:                    11 of 58       (19%)
Yukon:                                   6 of 19        (31.6%)



On Jan 22/13, I went through security a the New Orleans Airport. It was quite thorough. I was told to leave my shoes on even though others were taking theirs off - not a good sign. Then I was told to empty my pockets into their little dish, but left my belt on.

 I failed the full body scan because I had a single flattened Kleenex in my back pocket. (My wife keeps telling me not to leave Kleenex in pockets for laundry reasons, but I never seem to learn). So I had to remove the Kleenex and got a "pat down".

Then came the part I didn't understand: after the pat down he swabbed both my palms and checked the swabs in a little machine, with the explanation that "we have to do that anytime we touch your butt".

I really wanted to ask him how HIS touching my butt would mean he had to swab MY palms. However, I didn't want to encourage any further activity in that direction so I said nothing. I have never had a strip search and it is not on my “bucket" list of things to do.

I tried asking "Mr. Google", and found out that palm swabbing has recently become more frequent but no explanation as to why HIS patting my butt would make ME more likely to have handled explosives. Does anyone have an explanation? I would really like to know.


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