Friday, December 5, 2014


(A Step Back and Steps Forward)

1)  "TAR SANDS" (bitumen, euphemistically referred to as "Oil Sands")

   - The first bitumen  tanker arrives in Sorel-Tracy port on the St. Lawrence River from the tar sands in Alberta. The Minerva Gloria is not only the first tanker of its size to arrive in Sorel-Tracy, but it will also be the first to carry diluted bitumen from Alberta. Its arrival deepens community concern for possible crude oil spills on the St. Lawrence River.

2) Report (Dec. 2014) of Clean Energy Canada:  More Green jobs last year than oilsands

     - There were 23,700 total direct jobs in the green energy sector in 2013,
       compared to 22,340 jobs in the oilsands
    - in the past five years employment in Green Energy increased by 37 per cent with
      investments of more than $24 billion
   - The complete 34-page "Tracking the Energy Revolution" report is available online

3) Energy Market Reports (2014)
       View trends, analysis and statistics by country. offers download access
       to top market reports on the Energy Industry comparing energy sources by country.

Ridiculous Movie Myths That Turned Out to Be True
Disclaimer: I have taken the link to this article (by Chris Hoffman on December 2nd, 2014)
 from the web site of  How-to- Geek  without checking the veracity of the information.
How-to-Geek deals mostly with electronic and high technology issues. Subscription is free.

                                     1) The NSA Spying on Everybody
                                     2) Your Location Can Be Tracked
                                     3) Webcam Hijacking
                                    4) Hacking Traffic Lights and Cameras
                                    5) Darknet Drug Rings, Arms Trafficking, and Hitmen
                                    6) Hacking Security Cameras and Security Systems
                                    7) Hacking ATMs for Cash
                                    8) Security Backdoors in Encryption Protocols
                                    9) Hotel Key Cards Can Be Easily Hacked
                                   10) Passwords Can Be Easily Hacked


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Has A World Champion 

Canadian Corey Gallagher won the First Beer Mile World Championship Race with a time of 5 min 23 milliseconds in Austin Texas. He credits his ability to down a beer in one breath as helpful.
    In a nut shell, the race is 4 laps around a 440 metre track with the requirement of drinking a bottle of beer (355 ml) before each lap.

2014 Manitoba Summer Beer Mile (click for video)
Gallagher's time of 5:01.57 min prior to winning World event in Austin Texas