Friday, March 4, 2011

NOW I Know Where “My Canada" Went

     The “Canadian Government” has been officially replaced by the “Harper Government” in all federal communications by an order given late last year to public servants.

     I now know where “My Canada” has gone. I really want it back because I don’t like where it went. And I am afraid of where it is heading.

     Wikipedia states:
Because the prime minister is, in practice, the most politically powerful member of the Canadian government, he or she is sometimes erroneously referred to as Canada's head of state,[n 2] when, in fact, that post is held by the Canadian monarch, represented by the governor general.[12] The prime minister is, instead, the head of government . . . “

     Harper is the head of the government, but it is not HIS government. We still have a Parliamentary government, not a personal one.

     No matter what Harper may choose to say.

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