Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Government: Fomerly Know As "Canadian"

      It has been made public by CBC news that a directive has been given by the PMO to public servants to use the works "Harper  Government" on all communications in place of  the words, "Canadian Government".

     When a Bloc MP tried to query this in the Friday Parliamentary Question Period, she was blocked by the Speaker of the House because MP`s cannot be named and must be referred to by the riding they represent. She tried to rectify her error by referring to `Harper` as the `H - word`.

     So, we now have added one more to our list of unspeakable words: `the f - word`, the `n - word` and now the `H - word`.

     I don`t much like the sound of the `H - word Government`. I would much prefer to follow the example of TAFKAP (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince).

     The `Government formerly known as Canadian` has a much nicer ring to it.

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