Monday, December 24, 2012


      - 10 concept cars in 2012 (from Gizmag)
      - Volkswagen Hover Car ( it travels above the ground - good for parallel parking ?)

    Canada's Role In Space

     - Canada's role from 1839 to 2012
     - Astronaut Chris Hadfield returns to space for a third time to become the first Canadian Commander of   the International Space Station during the second half of his six-month mission.
     - Canadian Space Ageny 2010 - 2012 news releases

Idle No More - Update

     Groups of First Nations people have been joined by others as they hold a widespread series of protests carried out under the banner of "Idle No More". These totally non-violent gatherings and blockades across Canada are to bring attention to 14 pieces of legislation included in the federal omnibus Bill C-45, and have been going on for two weeks (although largely ignored by the media until recently).
      There is an official page on Facebook as well as separate ones with current members as shown: Northern Manitoba (1100), Winnipeg (1680), Thunder Bay (3800), and Morley (1300).
     Bill C-45 brings changes to the Indian Act that will fast-track the process for aboriginals to surrender their reserve lands by lowering the threshold of community consent needed to hand over territory. The legislation also includes clauses that will cut the number of federally protected waterways, potentially jeopardizing the lands they rely on and change environmental regulations. Most non-native Canadians will be directly or indirectly affected adversely by these changes. Typical activities (all nonviolent)  have been:
     * a demonstration on Parliament Hill late last week
     * outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.
     * a three-day-old blockade of the CN rail track in Sarnia, Ont.
     * a round-dance flash mob organized at a mall in Portland, Ore.
     * in a tent on an island in the Ottawa River

     Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat has been living in a teepee on Victoria Island, not far from Parliament Hill, since Dec. 11. She has vowed to continue her hunger strike until Prime Minister Stephen Harper and a representative of the Crown agree meet with her to discuss treaty rights and provisions of Bill C-45. So far PM Harper appears to be oblivious to the situation, although he has found time to meet with Justin Bieber and to play cribbage with a group of old people. There is at least one petition to PM Harper on her behalf if you wish to add your name.


1) A tattooed, 230-pound Florida fugitive ends up in one of the coldest major cities (Winnipeg) on the planet just days before Christmas and allegedly robs a bank while dressed as a busty female clown.

2) Tim Hortons has officially opened three kiosks in Iqaluit, meaning the iconic coffee and doughnut chain now has locations in every province and territory in Canada.


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