Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Kinder Surprise" are banned in the USA because they pose a danger to small children.



(It does exist - just not in full production yet)

B.C. Maple Ridge-based HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. in has claimed to have developed a fabric that creates an illusion of invisibility by bending light around a person or object.
The fabric is being called “Quantum Stealth.” There have been similar inventions over the years but his is the only one with a 360-degree view.

Previous attempts to make an invisibility cloak include:
- Feb 2011 Chinese researchers created a structure that changes the way radio waves interact with a - copper cylinder so that it appears to be composed of another material altogether. 

- Sept 2011, a system called ‘ADAPTIV’ patented in Sweden, and developed  by BAE, operates over infra-red and other frequencies but is visible to the naked eye.

Duke University  created a centimeter-scale (coin size) shield made of  meta-materials for microwaves.

Peter Van Loan, the government House leader, argued that since the Conservatives hold a majority in the Commons, the outcome of votes was preordained, and hence Parliament did not need to vote on bills. The Speaker of the House emphatically disagreed with him.


1) Justin Bieber to appear in a sit com ?

2) Air Canada to start its "Rouge" low-cost division  on July 1 with four aircraft, two narrowbody A319s and two widebody B767s.  Rouge will fly to Europe and the Caribbean.

3) Attawapiskat Chief Teresa Spence continues her hunger strike started Dec.11. She will end the hunger strike when the federal government agrees to meet with First Nations leaders and involve them in the legislative process. She is requesting a meeting with PM Harper and the Governor General.



The Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world for December 21st, 2012. You can check the exact time for where you live. NASA says it won't happen.  The Mayans have their reasons.

In this March 20, 2010 file photo, a man performs a ritual as he looks toward the descent of the Kukulkcan serpent, whose image is seen illuminated along the edge of the stairs of the Mayan Chichen Itza pyramid.

NOTE: clock now displays the time SINCE the "end" of the world. 

           WINNIPEG, Manitoba,  time      

For count down for other places of the world 


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